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The Imminent Verizon iPhone

So there’s all this buzz about Verizon’s special announcement just hours away and it’s all but assured that they’ll be announcing the release of the iPhone on their network. I’m peeing my pants.

I have been waiting so long, since Apple released the very first iPhone, for Verizon to carry it. The time is finally here :)

Despite my excitement and all the years of waiting with no prevail, it’s still going to be tough to settle with the iPhone (if i so choose to purchase one). I’m a geek, I love my Droid and Android. But mostly, I’m also really excited for the line of 4G LTE android phones coming out this year, like the HTC Thunderbolt or the Motorola Droid Bionic (dual-core?!). 

While I really, really want to play and/or own one of these upcoming badass 4G android superphones, what’s pulling me more toward an iPhone is the apps. Android’s app store still isn’t up to par with the iOS app store, in both content and interface. Plus, the iPhone in my opinion is still so much sexier and more intuitive.

In short, a couple years ago, I would have jumped straight on the iPhone bandwagon if Verizon had carried it immediately. But now that Android is gaining momentum, and with all these impressive and highly capable handsets coming up, I’m a little torn now.